Retail developments

Large cities are lively places full of dynamism where something could change at any time somewhere in the city. SeeRetailers advises retailers on the latest developments and the traffic movements of tourists in the major cities. We can provide you with clear advice with specific data from our customers and generic data from the cities.

Imagine: you want to settle in a city unknown to you. You are looking for information about the best location, the traffic flow in that city and which nationalities you can find in certain parts of that city.

As an established retailer, for example, you want a better response to the nationality that spends the most in your store. Or you’ve noticed that a changing infrastructure has an influence on the traffic flow in your street.

Not only do we have this information, but we also understand this information and translate it into innovative advice and marketing propositions. With our knowledge and expertise we connect you with the city and ensure that you understand and can deploy the latest developments.

Other matters in which we advise you:

    • Optimal online positioning of your brand.
    • Proactive help in your search for a (new)property.
    • The best parties to use in e-commerce.
    • The expected developments with regard to Brexit.
    • General information about the tourist flow in and to the Netherlands.

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Top 5 nationaliteiten sales
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